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A huge thank you goes out to http://www.starbuildings.com/ for their recent blog post on the insight on our project below. Below is a time-lapse video to show the building being built from the ground up. The Story Behind the Walls When one of the largest polymer engineering companies in the world calls and needs a new plant built, you make it happen. When they need it finished in about six months, you find a way toContinue reading

Pros To Using Steel

Advantage of Steel Why do you want to use steel??? Why not just use wood?? When someone says steel building what do you think of?? Probably just a rigid, steel, cold, dull building right?? and you wouldn't be wrong. However, metal buildings are so much more than that. In fact, metal buildings have taken a giant leap forward. Metal buildings can incorporate glass, wood, stucco, brick, stone, etc. Basically, anything your mind can create aContinue reading