Missouri Cobalt LLC breaks ground for construction

The Madison County Mines Superfund site, owned by Missouri Cobalt LLC, breaks ground for construction after a massive clean-up removed them from the Administrator’s emphasis list.

Sargent Construction Company is proud to assist in the renovation and new construction of the mines that could propose hundreds of jobs to local residents. The project began appearing in headlines in 2018. After achieving critical milestones throughout the year, they began construction in early 2019. Once the project is completed, Missouri Cobalt LLC, plans to re-open the mines and begin mining again.

Sargent Construction will be furnishing and installing a Star metal building around equipment that will currently help to clean the site of potentially contaminated soil. This building will be 74’ x 157’ x 34’. Its massive height will be to accommodate the equipment and platforms on the interior. Two cranes will be installed on the interior for their use. There will also be a 29’ x 50’ x 25’ lean to shelter. With a completion outlook of 2019, we are excited to be involved in another local project that has potential to benefit our community.