2010 – 2020

Economy Roars Back After 2008 Recession

While Southeast Missouri wasn’t hit as hard by the recession as other parts of the country, the economy overall experienced a slow down running up to the 2010s. However, as the decade has proceeded, an increase in new business and the return of repeat customers has kept Sargent busy and working hard as ever.

Helping in More Recovery Efforts

Sargent lent a helping hand to the Joplin, Missouri, Gilster Mary Lee plant after the devastating F5 tornado hit in May 2011. New materials were on site within two weeks to begin the repairs and the warehouse was functioning again in six weeks.

A tornado struck a Gilster Mary Lee facility again in 2012, this time their popcorn storage facility in Southwestern Illinois. Sargent helped them not only repair damaged structures but also redesigned parts of the facility that were originally built in the 1940s. The project included 30,000 square feet of retrofit standing seam roofing plus a 10,000 square foot warehouse replacement. Star recognized the project in 2013 by awarding Sargent the Master Builder Award in the Retrofit category.

Softball-sized hail pummeled the Farmington, Missouri, region in April of 2015. The enormous hail put holes through metal roofs and was by far the worst hail destruction the company has seen in all its years in business. The resulting roof damage kept Sargent busy for the next two years with repairs to keep businesses safe and dry.

Potosi Country Mart Fire Rebuild

In July 2012, the Country Mart supermarket in Potosi, Missouri, suffered a complete building loss due to a fire from a faulty light fixture. Sargent worked with both the owners of the store, Town and Country Supermarkets, and insurance companies to assess the damage after the fire and make subsequent insurance claims. Sargent crews demolished the remaining damaged structure, and worked with Town and Country to redesign and build a new, first-class facility. The new 30,000 square foot store reopened in August 2013 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Star recognized the project in 2013 by awarding Sargent the Master Builder Award in the Large Commercial category and Best of the St. Louis District.

Potosi Country Mart Reopens

The ribbon-cutting ceremony in August 2013 that marked the reopening of the store after rebuilding.

Technological Upgrades

From 2008 to 2015, Sargent worked with M&A Electric Cooperative to upgrade 54 substations throughout Southeast Missouri. Upgrades included installation of fiber optics, which allowed for central remote management of each substation.

Manufacturing and Retail Grow Again in the Region

Cap America invested in Fredericktown by expanding to a 30,000 square foot facility for their knitting division in 2015 and Sargent won the contract. The facility houses machinery that knits fibers for various hats and head wear. The Sargent team was proud to build the manufacturing plant that would give back to the local economy.

Sargent continued to work with Gilster Mary Lee on improvements and expansions to plants across Missouri, Illinois, and Arkansas. Another fruitful partnership was forged with Filtration Systems Products, who had projects in 2010, 2014, and 2017. Improvements were made to the Purcell Tire retreading plant, with more design projects coming down the pike. The company has also won contracts to build Dollar General stores all around the Southeast Missouri area.

Recognition for Years of Quality Work

In 2014 and 2019, Sargent was given special recognition by Star Building Systems for 40 and 45 years as a Star Builder at their national meeting in San Diego, California. While the company expanded its services over the years to include many types of projects other than Star metal buildings, the award was a special honor towards Sargent’s roots.

40 Years with Star

President Renee Sargent-Harrison, VP Wilbur Leach, and VP Dan Tilk receive special recognition from Star at their National Meeting in San Diego