Crown Valley Brewery Storm Damage

October 24, 2021 tornado EF3 extended from Farmington to Chester, IL.  Brewery roof was torn off and masonry walls from original gym were left standing.  There was no information available about the building design so it was decided to build over the existing structure and brewery tanks.

Classic Equine Reroof


October 24, 2021 tornado EF3 damaged and demolished multiple buildings in the Fredericktown area.  Entire roof was damaged either by flying debris or was torn off by wind.  Sargent built all buildings staring in 2002. Before and after pictures are included.

Cozean Funeral Home Building Repairs

Ice buildup on roof caused roof joists to break and ceiling to start sagging.  Temporary wall was installed to support roof.  Complete demolition of interior was required to install new beams and columns to support roof.  Contract included build back to original finish. Before and after pictures are included.